Saturday, July 16, 2016

Yellow Brick Road Trip Part 2

In my last post I explained a little about the earliest stages of my most recent painting Yellow Brick Road Trip.  In this post I’m focusing on some refinement I’ve done to the final drawing while transferring it to the illustration board. 

This is the drawing, ready to be transferred, as shown in my last post.

And here is the drawing transferred to the illustration board.
(You can click any image for a larger view)

I’m using Canson cold press illustration board. Cold press illustration board has a rough texture while hot press illustration board is smooth. I like the texture when I’m working with paint. When working with ink I often choose the smoother hot press board. 

At this stage I’ve added some more shading. But I’ve also made changes to one of the main characters. I had originally decided to give the Tin Man a more traditional look. By “traditional” I mean the movie version which I imagine is the version which comes to mind for most people. But as I transferred the drawing I decided to make him look more like a robot. I also decided to make him look sad and lost. 

In the movie version the Tin Man wanted a heart. In this illustration, I pushed slightly more toward the original story. This Tin Man needs a new heart because his original heart is broken.

There must be a story behind that broken heart.

The changing Tin Man.

The other characters transferred over without any significant changes.

The Scarecrow


The Cowardly Lion


In my next post I plan to cover the actual painting process.

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