Saturday, January 23, 2010

Logo Design

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This logo for Northridge Church is my latest design. The logo is designed around a compass theme, both because of the name Northridge and because of the structural organization of this church's programs. The compass points due north (or up toward the heavens). The color blue keeps with the nautical theme of the compass (the church also does baptisms in Lake Ontario) and also suggests the color of the sky and a heavenly focus.

Here are some of my other logo designs:

Not all designs get chosen. This logo design for one of the Democrat and Chronicle's internet sites was not selected as the final design, but I still like it.

Legends is a trading card company based in Rochester. I designed this logo for them back around 1995. They are still using it today. In the world of logo design, that's very good.

No, this Marty is not me. This Marty sells hunting supplies. He also wanted his dog in the logo! So, not only did I stylize this typeface, I also did what I consider to be a rather nice illustration of his dog.

The Black Pearl and Antonetta's are restaurants.

I designed this logo to have a stamped-on look. I don't think this company is still in business. Obviously, having a good logo alone doesn't ensure success. But it's better than having a bad logo.

I hope to discuss the development of my own logo in a future entry.

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