Saturday, December 26, 2015

Dimensional Form and Stylized Letters: A Logo Design

A local contractor asked me to create a logo for his commercial business. He wanted the icon to be a stylized letter “C” positioned above the name of his company. 

This stylized “C” forms a solid, sturdy, building-block shape in bold colors which holds up well on both a white and a black background. It will look sharp on business cards and other stationery and business collateral as well as on hats, shirts and vehicles.

Logo ©2015 Tony Fendikevich

This logo shape started out as a cube. From this larger cube I “carved out” a smaller cube. By introducing a second color I can define the space around this smaller cube. This negative space interacts with the smaller cube to form the letter “C”.

2015 RIT Imaging Hall of Fame Inductees

Here are my portraits of this years inductees to the RIT Imaging Science Hall of Fame.

Top to bottom: Carolyn Porco, Bryce Bayer and Gary Starkweather.
(Click image for a larger view)