Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Football and Photoshop

Click any image for a larger view.

I’ve recently move to a new place of employment – still in the graphic design business of course – but before I left my previous employer I had the opportunity to design one final Super Square Off promotional. This photo illustration required extensive Photoshop work. My goal was to create an image that was colorful and energetic.

The stadium light background was a vector stock image I found. 

To this I added a spectrum gradient.

I also added a bokeh pattern to the light beams.

Using a variety of smoke brush tips I painted in these “plasma” beams.

For the football player I chose a stock image that had no identifying markings. I converted the image of the player to grayscale and increased the contrast and sharpness.

I added a spectrum colored aura around the shape of the football player.

Then I added a second, brighter aura to arrive at this final image.

I created the new logo in Adobe Illustrator. In previous years, the logo felt more like a headline with accompanying text. This year I wanted to design it more as an actual logo. 

I've designed the Super Square Off promotional for the past three years and this particular one is my favorite.