Saturday, December 22, 2012

Rhinos/Rattlers Advert

I recently completed designing a new advertising look for two local
sports teams.

Click all images for a larger view

Both ads required a significant amount of Photoshop work, including illustrating the background elements for both ads.

Stock photography comes in handy when a photo shoot is not in the budget. But you have to be able to see the potential in a photo (how it can be combined with other photos to create a realistic composite).  It also helps to have the skills to make it happen. Below, you can see the separate photos I combined (with the illustrated backgrounds). 
In order to get the rhino to work with this soccer ball, I needed to add shadows to the rhino’s head. And to get the rattle snake to work in my layout, I needed to adjust the angle of the snake from about the center of the second curve on the right. I also added some orange ambient light to the snake so it would appear he and the background are being illuminated by the same light source.

Here is the detail of the illustrated area 
where the horn punctures the soccer ball. 

This design also works as a “Billboard” online ad.

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