Sunday, February 2, 2014

Campaigns: Lakeshore Laser and Med Spa and Surgical Practice

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I recently designed a campaign for Lakeshore Laser and Med Spa. It was a comprehensive campaign encompassing a total B2C approach.

I started with their existing logo, evaluating it based on the 5 characteristics of a good logo:
  • Is it simple
  • Is it memorable
  • Is it timeless
  • Is it versatile
  • Is it appropriate for the intended purpose

It was my opinion that the existing logo meets all of these characteristics so I decided to keep it rather than do a complete redesign. I did however make one minor adjustment. Originally the two swirls were very close to the same color blue. I changed the color of one of the swirls to more of a teal blue and used this new color along with the darker blue to represent the two dimensions of Lakeshore’s business. I used the teal blue to represent their laser spa business and the darker blue to represent their surgical practice. 

These differentiating color schemes flow down to the designs for all of the various collaterals associated with each of the two branches of Lakeshore. I also added flesh toned accent colors.


From there I designed their two websites and a landing page which can lead a visitor to either the laser spa or the surgical practice depending on their needs. As of the writing of this article, the websites are still under construction.

I also designed print advertising, online advertising, gift cards and other customer related packaging, office stationery and even office attire.

Print advertising
The imagery relates to the age and gender demographics of Lakeshore's customers.

Online advertising

Office stationery

Gift cards and other customer directed packaging

Office attire

Working on a comprehensive campaign is a challenge but it sure is also 
a lot of fun.

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