Thursday, June 26, 2014

Rebranding Campaign

Lyell Federal Credit Union decided to change their name to Focus First Feder Credit Union. Consequently, they needed to rebrand  under this name, getting word of the name change out to their existing clientele while attracting new customers. The media company I work for took up the challenge with our Enterprise Marketing team. As the graphic designer on the team, it was my job to tackle all of the visual designs aspects of the rebrand.

Here you can see my three logo design concepts 
and the final concept work-up which I presented to the client.

I started of course with the logo design. I came up with 3 designs, all of which incorporated 2 interlocking letter “Fs”. My favorite has the interlocking letters forming the base of a pyramid. This was a slight tip-of-the-hat to the company”s former logo which included a prominent triangle.

Unknown to me at the time, the client had also hired an agency to simultaneously come up with logo designs. In the end, the client went with this third party design, which incorporates the letter “F” in a 3 dimensional, Escheresque graphic.

The client chose this logo designed by a third party.

Still, they did decide to go with all the other marketing materials which I designed so I ended up swapping out my logo for the now official new logo from this third party. “Sigh.” Oh well, I’m a professional so I don’t brood over such things. We created a campaign which formed the basis of a smooth transition from the original corporate identity to the new brand.

Below are some of the pieces from this ongoing marketing campaign. The pieces from our presentation pitch to the client contain my logo design while those from the live campaign utilize my overall designs but with the official new third party logo added.

 Direct mail pieces.

 Print and online display ads.

 Tent cards, brochures and transaction slips for the branch offices.
Social media design.

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