Monday, May 16, 2011

WeatherLoc Logo

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My latest logo design is this wordmark for the company WeatherLoc™, a company which specializes in home insulation — specifically that type of insulation that is blown directly into the walls of you home.

It was the client's desire to communicate the energy and cost saving benefits of their product. This priority was met through color choice and through the visual of the green leaves positioned over the letter t. The leaves were originally placed atop the letter h but were moved at the client’s request.

The target customer of WeatherLoc is the average home owner (not builders or professional contractors) so we agreed to avoid using any technical symbols that might not be well known to the average consumer. Instead, we decided to focus on the  benefits of locking-in energy and savings. I capitalized on the shape of the letter o in the second part of the company name by making it into a lock. This also helps remove any confusion that may arise as a result of the divergent spelling choice of changing Lock to Loc.

Purposeful misspelling, employed for special effect, is called sensational spelling, or divergent spelling. It is a popular technique in advertising and is used to create a unique word or identity that will attract attention and can be trademarked. While the risk of losing the meaning of the word is minimal in this case, visually reinforcing the lock concept helps to further drive home the message and also provides an easily memorable visual.

In one of my early designs for the logo, I made the lock element look more like a padlock. The client requested the removal of the shackle on the top of the lock.

Round 1 version sporting a shackle type padlock. 
Note also the leaves placed over the letter “h.”

In addition to creating a standard logotype that can be printed in 1 or 2 colors and also reversed out of a color background, I included a version featuring leaves and lock elements that are more illustrated, for possible use in high-end printed materials, signage or websites.

1 Color

2 Color



The font usage for the logo is Univers 53 Extended which I have modified to be unique to this logo.  The same font is used unmodified in the tag line. Univers is a neo-grotesque san serif typeface designed in 1957 by Adrian Frutiger.

Areas of modification are circled in red.

The colors used for this logo are black and Pantone 376 C.

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