Saturday, July 29, 2017

The Office Solutions 101 Logo Design

I’ve recently completed the above logo design for a company which specializes in, “Bringing structure, logic and control to the workplace by optimizing workflow,” and ...“increasing productivity and devising workplace solutions for new businesses or established businesses that need assistance with growth and organization.” 

In other words, perhaps you recognize that your work environment could stand to have a little order introduced into the chaos. And maybe some optimization or modernization could help you to trim some waste and save some valuable time and money. Perhaps you sense that with a little tweaking, or a lot of tweaking, your office could purr like the well-oiled machine you’ve always dreamed it could be. That’s where Office Solutions 101 comes in.

Click on any image for an enlarged view.

This logo consists of a logomark representing the initials “OS” (in the form of a globe or circle and a stylized letter “S”) along with the logo type in the typeface of Venera, weights 700 and 500. The colors are Pantone 376 C and black. The logo works well in grayscale, single color and reversed applications.

I’ve also designed the logo to work in a variety of formats. The format shown above I’m calling a hybrid, in that it is a combination of the stacked and horizontal formats shown below respectively.

The hybrid version is my favorite but the other two formats can come in handy under certain circumstances. 

I also did a couple of layouts suggesting how the logo could be used in social media platforms.

Designing a logo can be a bit like bringing order and efficiency to an office. You have to research the client’s business, identify what matters and what doesn’t and boil it down to the essence of the business, removing anything that impedes efficiency. In the end you have a clear, concise solution that works exactly the way it should and is flexible enough to adapt to the inevitable and changing factors of time and circumstance. 

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