Saturday, July 18, 2020

Along the Yellow Brick Road II

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Here is my second character portrait from the 1939 classic film The Wizard of Oz

Ray Bolger played the part of Scarecrow so exceptionally. His movements made you believe he was made of nothing more than clothes stuffed with straw. His facial expressions are priceless. This expression is one of my favorites; he looks so bright eyed, full of optimism and excitement and ready for adventure. Scarecrow is probably my favorite of Dorothy’s three companions.

Like my Dorothy portrait, I drew Scarecrow with pencil – freehand – directly onto the 8"x10" canvas. I then finished the painting in water soluble oils. One nice thing about painting Scarecrow on canvas is that I could give his face that canvas-like texture just by using a dry-brush technique in select areas.

The next character I’d like to paint has a big heart.

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